Well, if you are a grasshopper from SW Kansas–I can’t even begin to tell you all the ways that I hate you (Thee).


Wipe that stupid look off your face.

Once again, you have deprived me of my delicious Rhubarb.  You have eaten my chives, stripped the salvia, yarrow and Russian sage bare.  You have eaten our crops and our trees.  You have robbed me of my gardening joy.

                Above are sedum and globe thistle that you have defiled.


 What revenge do I reap upon you and your evil brethren?  Early in the morning I catch you and put you in a coffee cup.  I shake it vigorously several times to give you a headache.  Sorry, not sorry.  Then, after that……(cue horror music)………


 …………I feed you to my quail!!!!  How I enjoy watching you disappear down their little gullets.   Sweet revenge.


Skip to my Loo.

This now brings us to the moral of the story:  What is a problem for one, is nothing but juicy, goodness for another.



Have you ever heard a Bobwhite Quail call?   They always sound to me like they are asking a question:  “Bob…White?”  Hearing their call is reason enough to want quail around.   I have considered raising ‘bobs’ for quite awhile.  This spring I took the plunge.

So small…….

And trust me, it was a plunge.  I have spent my entire life raising and being around poultry—BUT— Bobwhite quail are not poultry.   They are wild, crazy little game birds.  Did I mention wild and crazy?  Due to their size and other circumstances,   I ended up keeping them in my basement, until I felt they were big enough to release into their pen.  (In a brooder, not roaming freely)  I have done this with young chickens many times.  However, I have never had chicks escape and fly around the basement.    Yes, quail can fly quite well at a very young age.  Have I mentioned that there was quite a learning curve for me?   Here is somewhat of a timeline, beginning with that innocent looking baby quail above.

Spring began with my announcement that I had ordered baby quail.  My husband was down with it and began working on the Quail Shack for me, with the help of my Son in Law.  Thank you  boys!

Late spring and the quail are on the way.  No problem!  The Shack is finished and set into place.

I painted the inside for brightness and to help protect it for moisture.  I also had a dead cedar that I had been saving for this occasion, thinking it would make a good roost.  This was one thing that I was right about.

And here they are at last.  They have settled in and seem to enjoy life.


It seemed like a lot of work to get to this point, but it was worth it.  We enjoy these little birds so much.  Next spring I plan to release a few to join the wild ones that are hanging around our place.


In the meantime,  I’m  anxiously waiting to hear the first one call…..I’m betting he won’t be sure of his name either.