Psalm 62:5

Let all that I am wait quietly before God, for my hope is in Him.



That sounds refreshing, doesn’t it?  Well, to me it does as we are in the 90s for temperatures this week.  I’m talking about a wildflower, however.  Euphorbia Marginata , aka Snow On The Mountain.IMG_20170812_073253531

When driving through other countrysides, I always enjoy the wildflowers, especially in the Rocky Mountains.  There are so many beautiful forms and colors just growing in the ditch.   A few years ago, I was doing my usual fantasizing about what wildflowers I would grow in my yard if I lived in the Colorado Rockies –but when we drove into a town, the flowers that I saw the most of were petunias!  They were quite beautiful in the cool, mountain air but gosh, even I can grow petunias.   It made me wonder what I was overlooking in my area.  That’s the year I started appreciating Snow On The Mountain.   It’s hardy, it reseeds easily but isn’t invasive, and most importantly, I think it’s beautiful!


I think it’s easy to overlook a lot of things in our lives because we are so used to seeing them, but that’s also how we don’t notice some of the special things.   Is there something or someone that is blessing your life right now without you noticing?



Well, if you are a grasshopper from SW Kansas–I can’t even begin to tell you all the ways that I hate you (Thee).


Wipe that stupid look off your face.

Once again, you have deprived me of my delicious Rhubarb.  You have eaten my chives, stripped the salvia, yarrow and Russian sage bare.  You have eaten our crops and our trees.  You have robbed me of my gardening joy.

                Above are sedum and globe thistle that you have defiled.


 What revenge do I reap upon you and your evil brethren?  Early in the morning I catch you and put you in a coffee cup.  I shake it vigorously several times to give you a headache.  Sorry, not sorry.  Then, after that……(cue horror music)………


 …………I feed you to my quail!!!!  How I enjoy watching you disappear down their little gullets.   Sweet revenge.


Skip to my Loo.

This now brings us to the moral of the story:  What is a problem for one, is nothing but juicy, goodness for another.


What are you thankful for?  Your home, even though it may be small?  Your family-present and past?   Your lifestyle- not glamorous but something you wouldn’t trade with anybody?20161120_164121

This little house is where my husbands’ grandparents lived with two of their children for a year or two when they first moved to the farm.  The farmstead consisted of a water well, a chicken house and this little house.  It measures about 12 feet by 15 feet.


When my husband and I were first married, we lived in his grandparents’ old house on the farm.  This little house still stood nearby in it’s original location.  Our two daughters spent many hours in the “little bunkhouse”  with their father.


Three or four years ago we were able to have it moved to our current home.  It sets behind our house in the tree row, sheltered from the north winds.  Long overdue however, is a new roof, fresh paint and some t.l.c. inside.


I love this little house.  It represents everything that I love in life:  Family: that even though passed away, are still with me because of their sacrifices and teachings.  And present family that are so important to me – teaching me new life lessons.   My home:  which to me is not only my house, but also the land that we live on and farm.  I love it here: the sky, the colors,  the solitude and  the wildlife.   This little home also represents the lifestyle that I love.  Simple:  Even though we have modern equipment and up to date technology,  we actually live a basic, simple life.   We plant seeds.  We pray for rain.  The crops grow and we harvest them.  We care for our animals.   Early morning at the barn doing chores is my favorite time of the day.   I hope each of you have some symbol in your life that reminds you of the things that are important to you……and I hope those things are simple : family, home and a good, uncomplicated life.



Well not really, but I’m from Kansas…..(though I get totally sick and tired of references to Dorothy)

I have the best husband.  He tolerates my gardening obsession.  I try to keep a clean house, but it’s not spotless- my heart just isn’t always in it.  However, if there is something in the yard that bothers me…it’s gotta be fixed!   When I laid this path last spring, I knew it would have to be temporary.  I just couldn’t make it look the way I wanted it to.   I’ve started dismantling in these two shots….

Guess what the aforementioned great husband helped me acquire……..?


Dibbles and I think a stack of pavers is a beautiful thing.


The hard part is fitting the pieces together – I end up handling each rock several times.  It beats going to the gym!


And I think it looks much better.  Thank you Dear for your support!


Hmmmm….now I have a whole pile of the old pavers…..what will I do with them………………I think I have an idea……………