You can call me Grandma, as long as you call me!image

That’s right….GRANDKIDS.   4 in two years.  The slides are in the trunk.image Mush, mush, love……..Goo Gooo!


You adults had your chance….. I belong to the Little People now.


Ketchup #1

I guess the best place to start off is the Great Demo of last winter.  We owned an abandoned school building that sat basically in our back yard.  While it was somewhat of a landmark, it was also becoming an eyesore and a hazard.  image

With his usual optimistic style, my husband said it wouldn’t be “that big of a deal”  to tear it down and put up a much needed machinery shed.


Hmmm.  It kinda seemed like a big deal to the rest of us, but…..


they kept at it, worked and worked and didn’t stop until the building was down, the rubble burned, buried or hauled off.


The new shed was started by a local crew who also had to show perseverance; shortly after this photo, a windstorm blew some of the framework down.  Good ol Kansas winds are always a factor.

It was spring before the project was finished, but now we have a new shed that enhances our farm and I came away with yet more admiration for my husband, who once again didn’t quit until the job was finished!




MY GUILTY CONFESSIONS: ( why I don’t blog)

Because I’m lazy!?!  It stings a little to have that be your first guess, but it’s the truth, so here is….IMG_20180327_185857544

Confession #1:  Blogging is a lot of work!  Hats off to all of you who put in so much time and effort.  I rarely lack for ideas….just willpower.  Also, my I-pad is quite ancient, which leads us to…


Confession #2:  I really want to use my I-pad to blog.  Not the computer in the office, which is sloooow.  I miss being able to use cute smiley faces.  This – 🙂 – is just not the same.  I can’t even comment on other blogs from my I-pad or it locks up. Also, the power button gets hot.  Poor thing!   I seriously need to update–and even happened to acquire some unexpected spending money this winter…..which is tied to…


Confession #3:  I squandered, no, I mean, I invested my money on other things.


Very valuable, useful and fun things.   And speaking of fun…..


Confession #4:  I’ve been lured away by the siren song of Instagram.  I am inspired by the wonderful photography.  I love the smaller amount of time that it takes to post and read, but here is my biggest confession of all:   I miss the wonderful blogs!  The thought-provoking subjects and talented writers are so awesome. You all add depth to my world.   So once again I vow to do better.  I will find a time to binge read and try to catch up, but in the meantime……


Lay still doggies!  I’m trying to rest.