If you could go back to a slower, simpler time in your life, would you do it?    Not as many places to go, not as many things to do…


You would have to give up who you are today and go back to the exact same person that you were then.   Would that be a good thing?


Sometimes we look back and only see the what we want to see.


But our memories can sometimes be a little distorted………


…..which is o.k…’s nice to romanticize the past sometimes.  What’s wrong with having good memories?



As long as we realize that life can’t ever stay the same, it always changes and it’s good to outgrow ourselves.  I don’t know who said it, but my favorite quote this week is:  “Thank you God, that I’m not who I almost was.”


Well, if you are a grasshopper from SW Kansas–I can’t even begin to tell you all the ways that I hate you (Thee).


Wipe that stupid look off your face.

Once again, you have deprived me of my delicious Rhubarb.  You have eaten my chives, stripped the salvia, yarrow and Russian sage bare.  You have eaten our crops and our trees.  You have robbed me of my gardening joy.

                Above are sedum and globe thistle that you have defiled.


 What revenge do I reap upon you and your evil brethren?  Early in the morning I catch you and put you in a coffee cup.  I shake it vigorously several times to give you a headache.  Sorry, not sorry.  Then, after that……(cue horror music)………


 …………I feed you to my quail!!!!  How I enjoy watching you disappear down their little gullets.   Sweet revenge.


Skip to my Loo.

This now brings us to the moral of the story:  What is a problem for one, is nothing but juicy, goodness for another.

A GARDEN TALE..a story of triumph.

One spring day, a beautiful young woman, donned a fresh pinafore and skipped happily to the garden to sow wonderful seeds.  In a parallel universe, a slightly sweaty, middle-aged woman trudged out to her garden to also sow seeds.


“Devil weeds!”

But alas!!!!  The same ugly mass of weeds that had haunted her last fall, was still laying in wait, mocking and sullen.




What to do with the seeds?  Would our heroines’ hopes and dreams be dashed into the earth?  No!  Our gal may have lacked youth, ambition or even pride, but she had something  mightier on her side……..


” Yee Yee”


A lighter!!!!!!!  And she knew how to use it.




Soon the shame of unwanted weeds was but just a memory and the seeds were sown.


“Everyone stop looking at my hair!”


The moral of the story is :  Girls in pinafores don’t get to play with fire.


My husband and I grew up in an area that was deeply affected by the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl.  The generation or two following, passed down a thrifty, do it yourself attitude.  If we are able to rebuild something around here, we do it.  IMG_20170127_172953240_HDR

I use this little tractor and a disk to “work the trees.”  That just means killing weeds in between the rows of newly planted trees to conserve water and keep them looking good.  However, this is getting to be a bigger job all the time, due to someones’  OCD tree planting habit.  No need to name names.


On a corner of one of the fields that we farm,  was a cultivator that a former tenant had abandoned.    It’s the greenish thingy in the grass.

Late last fall, my husband loaded it up and brought it home.

The guys took it down in size and added blades from another implement.


Here is a test run.  So much faster!  In our throw away world I admire someone who has a vision and is able to recycle and re use.  Thank you boys!  (I refuse to completely quit using the little tractor and disk though.  It just will have a smaller job, taking care of those – Hard to Reach areas. )


I’m kidding!  Go ahead!  Because a good fence is required to keep my donkeys in the pasture where they belong and NOT out on the growing wheat.   Naughty Donkeys!  Why did you do that??????IMG_20170324_125619276

You can see some of our fence fixing tools above.  Pretty common stuff.  I grew up seeing almost identical replicas of everything in the picture.IMG_20170324_125648452

You probably all know what most of it is.  These are what people like to jokingly call their P.H.D.s  —Post Hole Diggers.    Funny stuff.


I’m sure you recognize barb wire.  (we say “barb”  not “barbed” here.)

Wire stretchers are a must for fence fixing.  The wire has to be tight or the Critters will crawl right through it.  Sometimes they do anyway.   A certain old sorrel mare that lives here, pays it absolutely no mind and reaches over for the proverbial green grass on the other side.

One of my favorite things around a ranch or farm is the steeple bucket.  Most of them are rarely if ever cleaned out.  You never know what is actually in the bottom in the dirt and rust…..


And that is a very abbreviated version of what you will need in case any of you would like to come and “spend a little time on the fenceline”  as my father always put it.  You may also want to bring some gloves, some water, a hat, some big ol muscles, a strong back, boots-in case the snakes are out….ok….  I’ll stop now.



The picture above is from an earlier post about the little house that my husbands’ grandparents lived in.  We were able to have it moved to our current home and the guys got it shingled.


During a few days of warm weather, I was able to get it scraped and repainted.


While I love the look of old weathered wood…..


…and hated to lose the patina,  the wood is also very dry and porous, so I felt like it just had to be protected.


It wasn’t very hard to see where I had already been!  Now for windows…..and maybe some landscaping.