I like to say that word and it’s a good thing, because that’s all I have to share for wheat planting so far.IMG_20171001_151836831

We have been getting moisture this fall, which is awesome, but we’ve been getting so much moisture that it’s keeping us from planting, which is unheard of for SW Kansas.


My husband said he can’t remember a time that we didn’t plant a single kernel of wheat in September……


…….. but it happened this year.  We try to be through planting by October 10th.  In the past, our yields have dropped with wheat planted later than that.


We are planting now, though and getting ready to harvest fall crops.  Things work out if we are patient.   In the end, we are fortunate to be in a profession where we are reminded almost daily that we are not the ones in control of our world or our farm!



Have you ever just flat bought into the consumerism and materialism thrown at you by advertising?  I really do try to be conscious of what I’m buying and why I need it.   But…..really, have you done it?  I did, and……IMG_20170927_113838528

I love this camera!!!!!!!   I love the pretty colors.   I love how big it is.  I especially love the blinding flash!  It’s so satisfying to see the startled looks on my victims- um subjects- faces.


I love the poor quality pictures that pop up and develop while I wait.  I love to carry them around and look at them.


It has been so long since I’ve had to actually stop and think about lighting.   That part is refreshing in a way, and so is the fact that the photos are what they are.  No editing, just a good old fashioned take your chances snapshot.    Sometimes it’s good to be rediculous!


That sounds refreshing, doesn’t it?  Well, to me it does as we are in the 90s for temperatures this week.  I’m talking about a wildflower, however.  Euphorbia Marginata , aka Snow On The Mountain.IMG_20170812_073253531

When driving through other countrysides, I always enjoy the wildflowers, especially in the Rocky Mountains.  There are so many beautiful forms and colors just growing in the ditch.   A few years ago, I was doing my usual fantasizing about what wildflowers I would grow in my yard if I lived in the Colorado Rockies –but when we drove into a town, the flowers that I saw the most of were petunias!  They were quite beautiful in the cool, mountain air but gosh, even I can grow petunias.   It made me wonder what I was overlooking in my area.  That’s the year I started appreciating Snow On The Mountain.   It’s hardy, it reseeds easily but isn’t invasive, and most importantly, I think it’s beautiful!


I think it’s easy to overlook a lot of things in our lives because we are so used to seeing them, but that’s also how we don’t notice some of the special things.   Is there something or someone that is blessing your life right now without you noticing?