Proverbs 19:21

A man may have many plans in his heart, but the Lord’s purpose wins out in the end.


4 thoughts on “SUNDAY

  1. Kim Gorman September 26, 2016 / 12:02 am

    This photo is majestic. As to the quote, I admit this frustrates me sometimes. How do we know we’re following His plan? Are we just by the way our life is? What if we don’t like His plan for us? I think about this stuff often.

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    • Donkey Driver September 27, 2016 / 1:50 am

      I think about it all the time. I used to envy the people who say they are certain of God’s plan for them. As for myself, I don’t think I’m supposed to know. I think this keeps me listening for Him. So yes, I do believe we follow God’s plan by the way we live our lives. We may never know how he is using us.. or at the end of our lives we may say “Oh! That was it!” Thank you Kim, and please send any more thoughts on the subject my way. 🙂

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