As far back as I can remember, I have stood and watched horses drink.


It’s interesting how their individual personalities show at the water tank.   Some are timid,  approaching slowly, carefully sipping from the very top.  The next horse will be middle of the road.  Drinking when the chance comes, not making much of a scene, then going about his business.


The horse I always watch for is the one who is THIRSTY!  He  pushes up to the water tank then plunges his face in halfway to his eyes and takes a long, deep drink.   I think people are like this.  I understand the timid ones.  I try not to be one of  the middle of the road ones, but am not always successful. I look for the thirsty people.  They seem to get the most out of life, not afraid to get wet or dirty.  I want to be one of these.  I need to be thirstier.



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