Guess who is back, better than ever?  No, not me silly.

Glamour Shot

Its the Bobcat!  Back from the dark depths of the repair shop.  Back from nowhere land to here –  with me! Ready to do a little work.  Thank you boys!  (Farmers rock, let me tell you.)


Bobcat is running great.  Purring like a kitten. Playful as a puppy.  Ok….I’ll stop.

All I know is, it’s hard to have a decent compost pile without some horsepower and hydrolics.  Look at  this pathetic excuse for compost.


Now here we go.  This is a little more like it.  I really prefer to start with a bigger pile than this.  It just cooks better, but I will add more to it later.



I add water to the center.


And here come the inspectors……..  It’s a pretty cold day, I’m not sure if it will start, but I love to see it steaming when I come to look on a cold morning.  When someone said ” Life is a big pile of compost.”  They meant life is full of steamy goodness, with plenty of fun, wonderful microbes!





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