December, 2014 was a banner month for me.  If you want to make it big on Facebook, a baby donkey right before Christmas is the way to go.  I had two babies born in December.  For the briefest moment in time: I was the IT Girl.

Meet Nester.  I named him after an old Christmas movie that traumatized me as a child    – ‘ Nester The Long Eared Christmas Donkey’…… When that big loud merchant in the movie grabbed Nester by the ears, I.Came.Off.That. Couch. (I’m ok now.)

Of all my donkeys, Nester has the sweetest disposition.  He will stand forever getting hugged and petted.


Happy Birthday Nester!!  Oh ya, it’s also my nieces’ birthday….happy birthday human girl who is not a donkey………just kidding. She knows I love her.


13 thoughts on “NESTER

    • Donkey Driver January 1, 2016 / 1:30 pm

      He has filled out grown, thank goodness! He is a little sweetheart. Friendly, even to strangers.


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