The first time I saw Little Ruthie (named after my mother -Yes Mom, that was totally necessary!) she tried to kick me.  I think sometimes my Mom would like to kick me too, but that’s a different story.  Something so cute and tiny and still so feisty!

Here are some moments from Ruthies’ first Christmas and her first basketball game.  I made the funny comment about KU trying to recruit her… the time, I guess it wasn’t that good of a joke.  Maybe no one got it.   Ha Ha.

Ruthie turns one year old today.  She is still feisty and still tries to bite me.  The little* imp.  I’m a bit surprised that none of my family and friends have remembered this very important date.  I fully expected to be inundated with well wishes for Little Ruthie.   I’m being sarcastic of course……(but really, how could they not remember my donkeys’ birthday…….)

Happy Birthday Ruthie!

*imp is being substituted for what I really say.



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