We don’t have a lot of water here in SW Kansas.  It seems table top flat and void of life to the people who don’t care to look, but there is nature all around us.


We have been told that these waterholes are from the days when the buffalo roamed the country and made wallows.  They dot the countryside.  In the wet years, they often hold water for several months.


Even though the water is shallow, the ducks and geese migrating through are happy to have somewhere to rest.  I’ve seen this particular ‘pond’ completely covered in snow geese.

Herons at the waters edge.
Herons at the waters edge.

Buffalo wallows, Playa Lakes, Prairie Potholes.  No matter what name they are given, I know they are a good thing.  They are a blessing to the wildlife, from raccoons, coyotes, pronghorn antelope, deer, to countless birds.  They also help to replenish our Ogalala aquifer.  Nature is pretty remarkable.


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