I know exactly what happened…..Cat sees fun wiggly thing crawling…..”Hey! Something to play with!”  Fun toy curls up to play with cat……

It hurts really bad!
It hurts really bad!

The rattlesnakes are bad around the house this year, for some reason.  We’ve had three in the last two weeks. Normally we have one a year, on the average.

image     image

The left paw is at least twice as big as the right one.  It looked better today than last night.   Ziggy is recovering fast.  How can a scrawny little cat bounce back from something that can be deadly to calves, donkeys and other   animals so much bigger?


No, these two are not here for moral support.  They knew I brought Ziggy a snack…….


2 thoughts on “THE WOES OF ZIGGY

    • Donkey Driver August 6, 2015 / 1:25 pm

      I think he is ok but I guess some of the poison must have moved up. His eyes are bright red this morning. Creepy!


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