How many harvest pictures can one woman take?   Oh you have nooooo idea.   I just have to put a few more on, please bear with me……………

Hi Grandpa!
Hi Grandpa!                             

My oldest daughter helps deliver lunch.  Just like the old days.

Father  and Son
Father and Son

My Father in Law talks with my Husband.

Dad and Son
Dad and Son

My Husband giving my Son a short break from the combine.   image

image    We don’t stop when the sun goes down.

image     image

Big sky. Big country.
Big sky. Big country.

I don’t tire of it.


4 thoughts on “RECAP

  1. Ralph in N.E.Oh July 2, 2015 / 6:16 pm

    Holy Cow, you guys do have a big farm. I have my biggest ever spelt crop this year. It is a field of 8 acres. I don’t have any like minded neighbors for binding or threshing my grain. I have instead a Gleaner “E” combine. She is old, but shed kept and museum quality. I take good care of the old gal. You should see pictures on my BLOG in a week or two of she and I bringing in the harvest. The horses pull the gravity wagons to the storage bins. They also pull the square baler for the straw, but that is another matter :o)

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    • Donkey Driver July 2, 2015 / 7:03 pm

      Most of the farms in this area are large compared to a lot of the country- even central and eastern Kansas. We are classified as semi arid, receiving an average of 18inches of rainfall yearly. We are completely dryland- no irrigation in our area. We summer fallow our ground to conserve moisture. The ground we cut wheat off of this June will sit idle until we plant it to Milo next June so it takes more ground to make a living off of. Generally people run cows at 1 cow per 10 acres. But about you–I can’t wait for Your harvest pictures! My husband will drool over your combine and I will drool over your horses. (I have miniature donkeys and a wagon that I’m working towards using). Good luck with your spelt harvest. It looks a lot like our Western Wheat grass which is not useful and is a nuisance in the pastures.


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