I’ve read more than once, that a well landscaped and manicured farmstead can aid in the success of the business in many ways.    I put the job at the top of my list most of the time.  While I don’t claim to be an expert landscaper, I do have a Master Gardeners certificate.  Really, it’s legit.   It’s a great way to learn some of the basics.


To add interest to the somewhat boring walk to my front door, I dug a shallow pond.  It’s approximately two feet at the deepest, reminding me of some of the prairie potholes in this area.  The shallow depth seems more natural and it was so much easier to dig than a big huge pond.  It took me about half a day.  I noticed the liner was wearing out last fall, so obviously it had to be replaced.

image      image

I really believe in making things easy,  I just left the old liner where it was. It was just a matter of moving the rocks away from the edge.   This was a good time to divide the dwarf iris, also.

image    image

I started on one end of the pond, laying the rocks back on the liner to hold it into place.   Notice I left some wrinkles, in the liner.   I think it helps with the life of the liner, as it shrinks in the winter.  I don’t mind how it looks.  I also don’t hide the liner in the the bottom of the pond.  It’s easier for me to clean and I just don’t mind seeing it, Plus, I guess I didn’t have enough rocks on hand!

image    image

I replaced all the rocks around the edge, but they never end up exactly the same.   I spend the next few days tweaking them.  I do like to scatter a few around the pond. I don’t think just one ring of rocks around the edge of a pond looks natural.  I also add a few rocks in the bottom for the birds and the toads to use.  I love to turn on the porch light at night to see how many toads are taking a swim!


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