There is a lot more to our farm than a few “critters” and my silliness.  We have a big job to do and like most farmers we love it, but take it seriously.   Our family has been farming here for over 100 years.  In order to ensure that our farm is strong for the next generation (and hopefully the next…ect) we have to be productive.  We have bills to pay!  We have bankers to answer to!  We don’t want to be Dirt Poor!  Notice the play on words?image

Milo seed -or grain sorghum.  I make a few trips a day to refill the planter.image    image

I do love the sight of the tractor rolling up.   Geez, how long have I been married to a farmer? It’s starting to rub off on me!


Here is some fancy trick photography, done while waiting.   Yes, I know you are envious, but with practice, I’m sure you could master this shot, also!


And there is the handsome young farmer, AKA Son, putting the seed in the planter.


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