Let’s Propagate!

image       image

I love to take cuttings and make more plants.  Santolina can be layered where it’s growing for more starts and it also is a good candidate for cuttings.

image       image

Unlike many plants, I have found that santolina isn’t particular about the stem size. Cut about half of the foliage off to give the plant less to support.

image     image

I always have have rooting hormone on hand because I do a lot of cuttings.  Poke a hole in your dirt with a pencil or stick then insert the cutting.   Keep out of direct sunlight and water twice a day for about two weeks.  By then you should be able to tell which cuttings will take. It will be a month or two before the baby plants are ready to be planted out. Always start more cuttings than you need, because they won’t all take.  You can give any extras away.   It takes practice but it’s very rewarding and is a great way to save money!


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