Do you have a spot, a little bit away from the world, where you can sit and visit with a friend?


Have you got a small corner to hide in?  A place where you can relax and be just who you are supposed to be?


Is there a small project that you can work on that makes you feel good about yourself?    It doesn’t take very much at all to improve and add value to the world.




What are you thankful for?  Your home, even though it may be small?  Your family-present and past?   Your lifestyle- not glamorous but something you wouldn’t trade with anybody?20161120_164121

This little house is where my husbands’ grandparents lived with two of their children for a year or two when they first moved to the farm.  The farmstead consisted of a water well, a chicken house and this little house.  It measures about 12 feet by 15 feet.


When my husband and I were first married, we lived in his grandparents’ old house on the farm.  This little house still stood nearby in it’s original location.  Our two daughters spent many hours in the “little bunkhouse”  with their father.


Three or four years ago we were able to have it moved to our current home.  It sets behind our house in the tree row, sheltered from the north winds.  Long overdue however, is a new roof, fresh paint and some t.l.c. inside.


I love this little house.  It represents everything that I love in life:  Family: that even though passed away, are still with me because of their sacrifices and teachings.  And present family that are so important to me – teaching me new life lessons.   My home:  which to me is not only my house, but also the land that we live on and farm.  I love it here: the sky, the colors,  the solitude and  the wildlife.   This little home also represents the lifestyle that I love.  Simple:  Even though we have modern equipment and up to date technology,  we actually live a basic, simple life.   We plant seeds.  We pray for rain.  The crops grow and we harvest them.  We care for our animals.   Early morning at the barn doing chores is my favorite time of the day.   I hope each of you have some symbol in your life that reminds you of the things that are important to you……and I hope those things are simple : family, home and a good, uncomplicated life.