We are always happy for moisture, but along with it, comes ruts.

Vile Ruts!

While country life may seem peaceful and serene, there is a lot of work involved.   We are responsible for everything: maintenance, water, sewer, and even roadwork.


So it’s an exciting day when we are finally fed up with the potholes and ruts and ready to spend some money on gravel.


I’m always looking for a smallish bit for my pathways in the yard also…..


It’s Gold Baby!  Pure Gold!


Now doesn’t that look nice?


The subject for my MJP GRATITUDE CHALLENGE for today is: My Husbands Cap.image

Once or twice a year my husband changes caps.  Getting a fresh clean one and throwing the old one away.  I found this one in the trash on the day of The Switch.

It struck me as I saw it there: how much work it took to get this cap looking like this in such a short amount of time.

I am the only one in the world who knows the hours he puts in behind the scenes.  I’ve said it before, but I’m in awe of my husbands’ drive.

I sometimes think that society no longer respects the men who work so hard,  the ones who quietly put in the hours, day after day.  But I do, and I’m so very grateful.   Thank you Sweetbaby.

I WON!!!!!!!!

I recently nominated myself for the BAD BLOGGER AWARD.  Guess what?  I won!!!!!     With winning however, comes responsibility.  I feel that I should share with you some tips on how you too, can become a BAD BLOGGER.20160727_144405

The number one, best overall tip that I can give you is to completely ignore your blog.  I bet you have never thought of this one!  Ignore the wonderful comments from the awesome people who take the time to look at your blog.  Be sure not to read any other blogs also, and you will be on your way to winning.


There are many ways to avoid blogging:   Playing with a cute kitten.


Feed some pigs.  Notice my Pig Pen Pose?  That took time to practice.  An excellent excuse to avoid the computer.


Of course, hugging donkeys is an old standby.  How could I possibly have gotten anything else done, when I have donkeys to hug?!?


Last but not least of my tips for today is the Need for Speed.  Get a scooter. You simply couldn’t be expected to slow down with  the open road calling.  I’ve just scratched the surface with my ways of winning the BAD BLOGGER AWARD.  I may be coming to you with more ideas in the future.  In the meantime,  please forgive me.