What a crazy, impetuous day!  I was feeling brave and (dare I say it?) a bit reckless.  For you see, a lone donkey is a sweet, loving animal.  A herd of donkeys however,  is a writhing mass of jealousy and selfishness.  The herd is ruled by mob mentality.  Yet I waded in and achieved my goal.  Here are the ……um …awesome results.  I hope you enjoy all the donkey hugs!

Mother- daughter team of Sweet Alice and Eva.  Sweet Alice has the voice of a foghorn.  She thinks it is charming to sing to us very very early in the morning.  Eva was born on Christmas Eve, and thus the name.


Cynthia Ann Parker and Tickles are mother and son.  Tickles got his name from the fact that he had a very itchy…..rear end  when he first arrived.


Lizzy and Tina were my second and third donkeys.  They are BFFs.  Lizzy is hopefully to become my first cart donkey.

Mother and son :  Rosie and Nester.  Rosie is such a nice donkey, but a very bad mother.  Poor little Nester didn’t have the best childhood.  He gets extra hugs though because he is the friendliest to visitors.  Nester would make a great therapy donkey.

G.G. and Little Ruthie are another mother-daughter set.  Both are just nice, pretty donkeys.

Lolly and Boomer are mother and son.  Lolly is a recovering oats addict.  Boomer is a bully until he is confronted with new people.  He then becomes quite shy and unsure of himself.  How typical is that?


Last but not least is Bonnie Lou.  Don’t judge Bonnie by her photo, as she is probably the smartest donkey in the herd and one of the prettiest.  Like the other donkeys though, Bonnie Lou doesn’t care about impressing others with how great she looks in her pictures.  The donkeys make no apologies for their age, their lack of perfection or their need for attention and care from their loved ones.  Donkeys are pretty cool people.






The picture above is from an earlier post about the little house that my husbands’ grandparents lived in.  We were able to have it moved to our current home and the guys got it shingled.


During a few days of warm weather, I was able to get it scraped and repainted.


While I love the look of old weathered wood…..


…and hated to lose the patina,  the wood is also very dry and porous, so I felt like it just had to be protected.


It wasn’t very hard to see where I had already been!  Now for windows…..and maybe some landscaping.



They didn’t call ahead and say when they were arriving………screenshot_20170208-092511


They don’t wait patiently for lunch or help with the dishes…….


They see nothing wrong with laying around sleeping when there is laundry to be done……


They don’t seem to find it rude to not tell us of  their future plans……


We’ve seen people like this before……it turns out,  they are the best kind to have stay in your home.